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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The 100th Post (Teenage PhDs).....

...and the last one. It's probably starting to seem like a conspiracy with all the site closures lately but I assure you that I decided months ago to retire (for now at least) after I hit three digits. First off, I want to thank members of the following bands for their positive feedback: Stark Raving Mad, Black Market Baby, Reflex From Pain, Sideshow, Killroy, TMA, friends and family of The Fiends, Manifest Destiny, US Chaos, DDT, Ugly Americans, Menstrual Cycles, E-13, Bomb Squad, Algebra Mothers, Landlords, and anyone I may have left out. Total number of complaints about copyright infringement (even though I always felt like it wasn't really my place to make other people's music available for mass consumption) over the course of 100 posts= zero. Now that's punk. Thanks to everyone who has emailed and thanks for listening. There are plenty of blogs out there better than this one so go check them out (AND let them know you stopped by). On to the last post....

If you were to sit around banging on a guitar and bass (that don't really sound in tune) and recorded the output on a jambox you might end up with this record. Actually your record would probably be crap- while this one, strangely, seems rather brilliant. Drums? Fuck it, who need drums. And after it was all over the Teenage PhDs had the audacity to commit it to vinyl (instead of just some crappy cassette). If anyone knows the story behind this 7" I'd like to hear it. According to the Teenage PhDs "Punk Rock Is Dead" and I suppose that's true for "Dressed For The H Bomb" as well. Enjoy this 7" from 1980. Adios.
Eat The Poor
Punk Rock Is Dead
Too Bored To Die
Eat Sleep And Fuck

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Landlords (revisited)

Hey, didn't I just talk about the Landlords 3 months ago? Yes I did. I told you how good they were, and I was right. Since that time, however, I managed to get a copy of their 7" of cover songs and since I only put up a few songs last time I figured we'd all take another listen. Here's the thing, I don't like cover songs. I think that they are almost always totally unnecessary, so there must be something special about a group that can put 4 covers on one 7" and all of the tracks are actually good. My main reason for this post, however, is to see if Mr. Beers (a member of the Landlords) who commented on the last write-up can tell me why the back of the record says that there was to be a 2nd Landlords LP called "Fitzgerald's Paris". Where is it? Did it ever happen? From 1987-
The Night Chicago Died (Paper Lace)
Suzanne (Leonard Cohen)
Lies (Knickerbockers)
He's Waiting (Sonics)

Monday, October 09, 2006

Youth Korps

You may or may not know the story on this one already. Great Connecticut hardcore from 1982 recorded at Radiobeat (as a demo tape) that received a vinyl release in the early 90s because some German fella from Crucial Response figured it deserved one. He was correct. You have to wonder if this was a 7" pressed in 1982 with a run of 500 copies during the Radiobeat/Deep Wound era how much you would have to pay for it today. Instead, it turns out you don't have to pay much. After going to the trouble of readying this for uploading (and believe me, these songs were hard to separate) I realized you can buy a copy here. I thought this was out of print so maybe they are old copies or it's back in production. Either way, that's why you only get 4 of the 13 tracks, now go get your own-
Sick Of Pain
J.B. Theme

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Teacher's Pet

Pianos and mustaches?? After the outcry over facial hair in music I knew I had to put you through it all over again. This is the lone 7" from this Akron, Ohio band featuring former Rubber City Rebel Ron Mullins released in 1978 on the Clone label. The best thing about this record isn't the catchy A side (and the equally entertaining B side) but the fact that you can get (original) mint unplayed copies of the Clone releases right here- so what are you waiting for? Before you tell me this sounds too rock for your ears compared to the usual fare offered up at this site, save it. You're talking to a guy that likes Foghat.....dude.
Hooked On You
To Kill You

Sunday, September 17, 2006


Sure, I agree that Southern California kicked ass in 1981, but did it kick $142 worth of ass???? You tell me.......

Life Is So Fun

Sunday, September 10, 2006


Back when I first started listening to punk music I would usually tape the local radio show, decide what I liked, and then try to pick it up at the record store. If they didn't haven't it (or I couldn't tape it off of a friend) I was out of luck, because if I'm remembering correctly Pushead's Putrid Evil flexi disc was the only record I ever mailordered. Without great compilations like the Smash The State series, the odds of me hearing a 7" like this (included on volume one) would be very slim. What you get is $500 worth of early Canadian punk for not much cash, and the comps are obviously a lot easier to track down than the originals. Sure this single from 1980 sounds a lot like the Clash (compare the opening of "Punk Rock Virgins" to "Clash City Rockers") but I certainly wouldn't call that a bad thing-
Punk Rock Virgins
Forward Disorder
Anyone out there have recommendations for similar compilations of rare 7"s worth picking up????

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Sick Pleasure

Sure Sick Pleasure have only a split 12" and a 7" to their name, but that's not too bad for a group that didn't really release anything while they were actually together. After disbanding, 3/4 went on to Code Of Honor while Niki Siki (I've seen his name spelled so many ways) went on to Verbal Abuse. I remember seeing VA open for Samhain although at that point they were "Verbal Abuse" rather than THE Verbal Abuse. Maybe that's why there were 32 people there and the club wouldn't even turn the heat on. I debated posting this record given the recent reissue of the Code Of Honor material and the fact that I've heard rumors that the same might happen with the Sick Pleasure tunes so I'm only offering up a few tracks from 1982's 12", but one of them you can listen to over and over and not get sick of. "Three Seconds Of Pleasure" defines snotty nihilism, and no one does a punk rock pick slide better than Mike Fox.
Three Seconds Of Pleasure
Sick Pleasure

Kill From The Heart is such a great site that I stole the scan from 'em.