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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Teacher's Pet

Pianos and mustaches?? After the outcry over facial hair in music I knew I had to put you through it all over again. This is the lone 7" from this Akron, Ohio band featuring former Rubber City Rebel Ron Mullins released in 1978 on the Clone label. The best thing about this record isn't the catchy A side (and the equally entertaining B side) but the fact that you can get (original) mint unplayed copies of the Clone releases right here- so what are you waiting for? Before you tell me this sounds too rock for your ears compared to the usual fare offered up at this site, save it. You're talking to a guy that likes Foghat.....dude.
Hooked On You
To Kill You

Sunday, September 17, 2006


Sure, I agree that Southern California kicked ass in 1981, but did it kick $142 worth of ass???? You tell me.......

Life Is So Fun

Sunday, September 10, 2006


Back when I first started listening to punk music I would usually tape the local radio show, decide what I liked, and then try to pick it up at the record store. If they didn't haven't it (or I couldn't tape it off of a friend) I was out of luck, because if I'm remembering correctly Pushead's Putrid Evil flexi disc was the only record I ever mailordered. Without great compilations like the Smash The State series, the odds of me hearing a 7" like this (included on volume one) would be very slim. What you get is $500 worth of early Canadian punk for not much cash, and the comps are obviously a lot easier to track down than the originals. Sure this single from 1980 sounds a lot like the Clash (compare the opening of "Punk Rock Virgins" to "Clash City Rockers") but I certainly wouldn't call that a bad thing-
Punk Rock Virgins
Forward Disorder
Anyone out there have recommendations for similar compilations of rare 7"s worth picking up????