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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Empty Rituals

My guess is that this is the only release by this group and I don't know anything about them, which makes this a nice and easy post. I'm searching for a label.... how about artpunk? That sounds about right. That means at the time of its release, being that they were from Massachusetts, I'm sure everyone probably hated them. One notable tidbit- this was recorded at Radiobeat, home of the famous Deep Wound 7", which it sounds absolutely nothing like. Released on Mental Assault Records, probably their own label with no other recordings that I'm aware of, here's Empty Rituals' 7" from 1983-
Dressed To Kill

Monday, July 24, 2006

Terminal Mind

Making good on my promise to follow up the last post with some good Texas tunes, here's Terminal Mind's 1979 7". I think it basically comes down to this record and some comp tracks as far as the extent of their output which is a shame because this release has hooks to spare. At least they avoided the sophomore slump. Don't know that much about them outside of the fact that they played a few reunion gigs in Austin (somewhat) recently. I don't know how many of these were pressed but I was surprised to find them going for @$20 on Ebay, which seems like a fairly decent deal for a great early Texas 7".
I Want To Die Young
Sense Of Rhythm

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Collector Scum calls this, the fourth single from the Skunks, "crap" and Flex Discography labels it "weak" and "mediocre". Since I kind of agree you may wonder why I'm posting it. Pretty simple- 1) This is the only record of theirs I have 2) I missed the boat on the Rave Up reissue that is (for now?) sold out 3) I don't care if someone tells me something sucks, I want to hear it anyway and maybe you do as well (speaking of which, where's that 2nd Next 7"??????). I like the B side. The A side, however, sounds like it would be on the soundtrack to some terrible 80s teen movie maybe along the lines of Pretty In Pink. Maybe not, but it would definitely have Molly Ringwald in it. Or that little weasel Andrew McCarthy.
What Do You Want?
The Racket
-The first 3 7"s and the 1st LP seem to get a thumbs up across the board
-There is a Live CD available, so maybe you should buy it
-Everything you want to know is contained in this article
-Jesse Sublett's website

Monday, July 10, 2006


OK, screw it. I'm tired of trying to track down a copy of Nomeansno's first 7", so I think that leaves this single as the only other recording that never ended up on a CD somewhere. I could be wrong. Nomeansno rock whether they're playing the more complex rhythms they're known for, or working some straight ahead scorchers like the two classic canadian punk (cover) songs contained on this 1991 Allied release. In 1987 I went to see DOA and was informed at the door that the show was now $7 (not $6 as the flyer had advertised) because another band had been added. I thought to myself, "Who the hell is Nomeansno?" but paid the cover since I had just driven 40 minutes to see the show. Holy crap. Rarely does a band I've never heard of absolutely floor me but this was one of those occasions (this was the lineup that still had Andy on guitar). Do yourself the favor if they play your town by not missing them. From vinyl, to a cassette that has been sitting in a box for 14 years, to mp3, to your ears......
Oh, Canaduh
New Age

Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Featuring Mr. Horribly Charred Infant and Mr. Anus (although apparently that's Dr. Anus now) from the more prolific Happy Flowers, The Landlords released only one LP during their existence as well as a 7" of covers. Their album, Hey! Its A Teenage House Party, may be one of the best punk records that no one seems to remember. Not too many artists can release a record that is consistently great over the course of 21 songs, but this Charlottesville, Virginia band pulls it off. The music is fast and rough while still remaining catchy, and the lyrics are wildly un-PC which just nudges this release up an extra notch in my book. Further information can be found here, which is where I snagged the flyer scan from. Sorry for the lack of a cover but I no longer own this record- maybe someone can hook me up with a picture for ya. From memory I can tell you that I believe it was a tan cover with some sort of childish looking picture scribbled in crayon on it. Of what I can't recall. Here's a taste of 1984's Hey! Its A Teenage House Party. Yes a taste, because there's no way I'm going to type out/upload 21 songs-
Every Day's A Holiday
No Good Woman
Let's Be Negative
More Guts Tonight