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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Stark Raving Mad (revisited)

Well it turns out that as of yesterday I've been at this for a year and this will be my 80th post (which makes me not nearly as prolific as these other sites). I've decided to go back to square one for the anniversary and do another Stark Raving Mad post. I could tell you that their first 12" is one of the 10 greatest HC slabs ever made (in my humble opinion of course), but you'd know that if you just listened to it. In the comments section Bob the bass player provides a good history for you which is hard to come by for this group. Unfortunatly none of the other releases quite lived up to the chaos of MX, but since I finally got a copy of the 10" that's what you're going to get. Side 1 (listed here) is a studio demo from '85 while the rest of the record (which I haven't ripped yet) is a live show from CBGB's. Enjoy the demo-
No Reason
Capitalist Cunts
Life Or Death
Mr. Hardcore

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Where's the damn music????

There has been a lack of posts lately because last week my lady friend (friends for 18 years, dating for 8) were married at "I got Married by Captured by Robots". If you haven't heard, the band Captured By Robots is doing a tour where JBOT actually marries any couple who wants to do it. Both of our parents came from out of town for it and it was a blast (my rather conservative parents were great sports about it)- I highly recommend it if he comes to your town. It was a crazy, sweaty sold out show.
After that we went up to Minneapolis, a town I'd never been to and one that totally rocks. Veggie food aplenty and a very active feel. On the way back we hit the Mall Of America and the IKEA where the picture of the toilet was taken. It made me wonder if something bad had happened that made it necessary for them to add the "display only" guard.
I think that's a pretty good excuse for my slacking off but I'll get back to it soon. Right now I gotta check out the other sites I'm behind on......

Thursday, May 11, 2006


Not much to say about the Necros that hasn't already been said. Supposedly they don't get along, seems like there's never going to be a reissue, etc. etc. etc. I know there's already been some posts about them but I don't know if anyone has done one on the Early Days bootleg 7" that surfaced sometime around 1991. Its basically just a demo set to vinyl with some familiar material along with two Sham 69 covers. What can I say, I certainly don't have anything new to add to this band's history so here's the Early Days EP for the diehard Necros fans-
Police Brutality
Work Now
Peer Pressure
Rip Off
Better Never Than Late
Caste System
What Have We Got?

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Chronic Disorder

Not your ordinary paddle thrash 7", Connecticut's Chronic Disorder keep it nice and interesting on this 1984 release, one of my favorites of the period. This 45 along with FOD's Love Songs (released the same year) still reminds me that hardcore can go beyond the generic and still sound good today. For some reason I've never been the type of person to track down other material by a group even when I really like a record so I've never heard a single other song by this band. If anyone has the 1st 7" (300 pressed?) perhaps you would like to share a listen- $45 is bit much to pay for a record in my opinion. I've heard it leans more in the punk direction. Apparently, Chronic Disorder are still cranking it out, but now they do it from Seattle so check out their site. Here's 1984's Fred-
I See Red
Point Counterpoint