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Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Here's a great little EP by California's The Sins. The website I "borrowed" the scan from says they were from San Bernadino and also released an LP on Squirtdown, home of Jackshit's Hicktown 7", called "Beginning From The End" but I've never heard nor seen it. Perhaps a more knowledgeable individual can fill me in on the full length. Two members would later play with The Bellrays, while another awesome website informs me that two other players were previously in Sadist Faction with a future member of White Flag (is "S Is For Space" ever going to be reissued??? Anyone hook me up with a copy???). That's about all I know, enjoy 1982's Mood Music-
Fighting In The USA
Killing Machine
Funeral Hour
Dominant Submission
Mind War
Skin Walk

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Algebra Mothers

A recent $1 find, I hadn't the faintest idea what this record was and assumed it was going to get thrown in the pile of cheap crap I wished I hadn't bought for any amount of money. It turns out I actually like it. Hyped To Death had this to say about it- "I fell in love with the A-Moms' "Strawberry Cheesecake" the moment I heard it twenty years back... Cheesy Stranglers keyboards, annoying post-Devo vocals, and three or four of the most insidious hooks ever committed to vinyl". Hyped To Death comped it for their Homework series and, after browsing the H2D website, I realize that a $1 purchase is going to push me in the direction of having to spend $100 on more stuff I didn't even know I needed. Great. Keyboard player Kirsten Rogoff gives you the where are they now lowdown and info on the early Detroit scene (home of the A Moms) right here. From 1979-
Strawberry Cheesecake
Modern Noise

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


I think with the next few posts I'll stray into some not so punk/hc territory. (R)eally (U)seless (S)atanic (T)rash went into the studios of the University of Missouri around 1989 to help a friend complete a project for a recording class. The premise was to make even the worst band sound halfway decent and he definitely had his hands full with this Spinal Tap influenced abomination. I'm sure there wasn't a sober individual present by the time the first chord rang out and this demo which was never released (why would it be?) was the result. Supposedly from Slovakia, the band actually contained a few members of Season To Risk with no one playing the correct instruments. The sound isn't fantastic since it comes from an ancient cassette (I'm sure there isn't a master) but I'm throwing it out there anyway because a line like "kiss my balls you retarded pig" might be enjoyed by someone out there. Someone? Anyone?.....
Slugfarm Intro/Shit Flood
Smash Compactor
Emotional Deathtruck Fuck
Funhouse Of Fuck
Muffler Burn
Black In Back
Kiss The Anvil
Morphice/Slugfarm Outro
By the way, I'll post a nice pretty flyer when I get my camera back.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Angry Red Planet

I picked up Angry Red Planet's 2nd 7" for a couple of bucks the other day and thought about posting it but then I noticed that Something I Learned Today had posted it at one time and The Punk Vault had a short write up about it as well. Since I had already made my mind up to do something on this Michigan band I'm sticking to my guns and going with the previous 7". Too Much Knowledge Can Be Dangerous was released in 1983 and is every bit as good as 1985's Gawker's Paradise. I think both 7"s sound pretty cruddy but the tracks hold up even with the muddy production. Mummy From Hollywood is now stuck in my head as a result of writing this post-
Mummy From Hollywood
Going Nowhere Slow
You're One Too

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Disappointed Parents

After the last few posts I figured I'd go back to something in the hardcore vein. Here's what I believe to be the only recording of this New Orleans band, 1983's Am I Getting Through? released on Crispy Christ. I think its pretty generic but I'm going to throw it out there anyway. There's a brief article about the history of New Orleans rock and punk which mentions Disappointed Parents but other than that I don't know that much about them.
Am I Getting Through?
Serving Time In Hell
Fuck Drugs
Rats And Piranhas
Meat Market
Because We Disagree
American Rebel