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Thursday, March 23, 2006

The Tools

I've already talked about Tools from San Francisco, and I've seen a 7" by a band of the same name from the UK, but this one is from DC and I'm pretty sure this is their only record. I searched the names on the labels and came up empty handed as far as information goes. Next I tried the record company, RGV records, and apparently the name is being used by some DJ label nowadays so I'm guessing its not the same one that released this single. The A side is memorable from the first chorus, while the B side isn't nearly as solid but I still like it. Around 50 copies came with the cover you see pictured here, the rest got the white sleeve treatment. That's all I got, so stop reading and start listening to The Tools 7" from 1981-
Tore Out My Heart
Drugging Out


At 10:03 AM, Anonymous jawhn said...

Haha, at first I thought "wow, I've never seen this "Tools" record before!" I'll need to listen to my Tools stuff again but somehow I'm thinking I like this one better! Good one malfeitor!

Also wanted to send my condolences on the loss of your dog :( Cute picture, looks like she had a lot of character (that tooth is so rad!)


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