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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Teenage Head

I don't have much to say about Teenage Head since they are anything but obscure- they are still active, have a website, and unless I'm mistaken they may even have some gold records in their native Canada. A few of their LPs have been reissued on CD by Unidisc (so buy some- import prices, ouch!), but after an extensive search to determine its status it appears to me that their first LP, Teenage Head, is still out of print. What's that go to do with this 7"? Picture My Face and Tearin' Me Apart both appeared on the first full length (at least on one of its incarnations, its been reissued twice at least) but I have no way of knowing if the versions posted here are the same as the LP. Either way, my determination is that these songs are not currently available and come from their 2nd (?) 7" (I think Top Down is their first, with both 7"s being released the same year). That's a lot of trivial blah blah to sit through. Your reward? Two great songs from 1978-
Picture My Face
Tearin' Me Apart

Thursday, March 23, 2006

The Tools

I've already talked about Tools from San Francisco, and I've seen a 7" by a band of the same name from the UK, but this one is from DC and I'm pretty sure this is their only record. I searched the names on the labels and came up empty handed as far as information goes. Next I tried the record company, RGV records, and apparently the name is being used by some DJ label nowadays so I'm guessing its not the same one that released this single. The A side is memorable from the first chorus, while the B side isn't nearly as solid but I still like it. Around 50 copies came with the cover you see pictured here, the rest got the white sleeve treatment. That's all I got, so stop reading and start listening to The Tools 7" from 1981-
Tore Out My Heart
Drugging Out

Sunday, March 19, 2006


Great southern California punk from 1981 on Bemisbrain. The title track is definitely a standout but there isn't a dud on here in my opinion (of course it shouldn't be that difficult with a 3 song 7"). Cover scan comes from Collector Scum and that's all I know about it- short and sweet. Enjoy.

New Lottery
Hitman's Waltz

Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Dressed For The H Bomb is sorry to announce the recent passing of our beloved intern Miss Chauncey (pictured to the left). Although she was completely worthless when it came to researching posts she always kept me company while I was writing them. Among her many bad habits was attacking my other dog for no apparent reason, so this Jerks 7" seems like a fitting tribute. You can read all about the Jerks right here and although these tracks come from a bootleg there is a discography CD out on Overground Records that collects the singles and some unreleased material that is worth your $$ (and they have many other fine reissues). From 1977, for Miss Chauncey, here's the Jerks-
Get Your Woofing Dog Off Me
Hold My Hand

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Bomb Squad

Here's a Texas band with a serious UK fetish. They released two records that I'm aware of- an LP (more of an EP) called Children Of War and this 7" from 1982. I've seen this referred to as the Tomorrow The World Ends 7" since the cover says "Tomorrow The World Ends, There Is No Defense". The music is pretty primitive 2 or 3 chord punk rock but I like it and actually prefer it to the LP which has some annoying guitar overdubs. Unfortunately, I know nothing about the band or the label, Bouncing Betty, which I cross-checked on Flex and found no other releases for. Seems like people can always fill in the blanks for Texas bands so maybe they can with this one as well-
Looking Out For #1
Riot Riot

Sunday, March 05, 2006


If I have this straight there's a Mutants from Detroit, one from California, and this one from Liverpool, right? And I'm sure there's probably a hundred more since it seems like a it would be a popular name. These Mutants released two singles, the more difficult to find Hard Times/School Teacher which I'd like to hear if anyone has it, and this one. 77 Punk, where the cover scan comes from, doesn't have much to say about them and this may be too rock sounding for some ears but I like it. Vocalist Sweet William has a nice Lee Ving thing going on especially on Boss Man. Oddly, the version of this 7" that seems to float around the most is the original even though I think this single was reissued and bootlegged at one point.
From 1977 Boss Man/Back Yard Boys-
Boss Man
Backyard Boys