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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Menstrual Cycles

How to make an easy post: 1) Upload a record I already have on the computer. 2) Snag a sleeve from a fantastic resource like Collector Scum. 3) Let Sound Idea tell you what they know about the 7"..... "I have seen a few copies of the Menstral Cycles "1/2 Skin 1/2 Punk" 7", but few people can give me any more info on them. I have been told that the singer moved to Florida from England and that he tried to get the band signed to Riot City, but that never happened. The Menstral Cycles record was self released in 1983 on Cycles 1. The band address and phone number is from Hialeah, a small town near Miami. The record was produced by David Camp, who also recorded F, but none of those guys know anything about The Menstrual Cycles."
Although this record isn't that spectacular in my opinion, it may satisfy any Florida rarities obsession you might have-
Retirement Home
Rejected From The Premises
Kill The President
Oi! Warning

Monday, February 20, 2006

Impatient Youth

Folks probably already know all about Impatient Youth from the posthumous Lost And Found releases, but if I'm not mistaken this 7" was their only official recording during their first go round (I think there was a reunion single). Also, I don't believe this 7" has ever been reissued but I could be wrong. I knew nothing about them before hearing Frontline so don't expect any more info here, just one hell of a catchy record that seems to be getting a little pricey these days. I think some of the tracks almost have a 1960s feel that I really like, especially "Don't Listen To The Radio" (my favorite) with its nice opening harmonies. From 1980 here's Definition Empty-
Definition Empty
Working Girl
Wasted Life
Business Man
Don't Listen To The Radio
Sex Affair

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Doggy Style

Despite a few goofy moments, I've always really liked this 7" by Doggy Style (although not enough to seek out their LPs I guess since I've never heard any of them). Live their brand of fun posicore didn't go over that well with the grumpy St. Louis punks who just stared at them when the band tried to get everyone to pogo to "Donut Shop Rock". Oh well, if you've never heard this 7" you can decide for yourself. Here's 1985's Work As One-
Be Strong
Donut Shop Rock
Support And Belief
Ten On One

Thursday, February 09, 2006


There's no reason for me to talk about E-13 since their history is summed up pretty well right here. I'll just mention that as far as I know this is one of 2 7"s they released along with a track on the Drinking Is Great compilation that you can hear compliments of the Something I Learned Today mp3 blog. This copy comes from a bootleg I forgot I even had in which the song titles were: 1) Wrong and 2) Not even in the right order (c'mon punks, I mean seriously!). I think I've pieced it together correctly and provided you with a cropped scan that came from a copy for sale online if you're one of those punks who've struck it rich. Here's 1984's No Mercy For Swine-
Ode To A Motorhome
Misguided Missile Mouth
Sport Pack
Humor Demons
Free The Cheese
Swizzle Stick
Clowns Are Experts At Making Us Laugh

Sunday, February 05, 2006


Broadcast, a Kansas band, released this EP (pretty sure its their only one) in 1982 on Fresh Sounds, the home of Mortal Micronotz. I tried to find more information on them including doing searches of the band members' names and have come up with zilch. Since someone provided a lot of great stuff on the Mortal Micronotz maybe someone can do the same for this band. Personally I could do without the saxophone but I still find their nice jagged midwest art rock enjoyable. I think Zero Hero is my favorite track on here, see for yourself-
Zero Hour
Inner And Outer Vacuum
Sex Demon
Synchronize And Disconnect
Completely unrelated: The other night I stumbled across You Tube, a site I had never heard of that is sort of a clearinghouse of video uploaded by viewers. Imagine my surprise at finding clips of Decline of Western Civilization, live GISM, A club video of Nomeansno playing "The River", ATDI on Conan O' Brien and tons more goodies. Check it out if you've never been to it.