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Saturday, December 31, 2005

The Mob

Everything is now back on track and I shouldn't have any more bandwidth issues so on to a new post-
I've written about The Mob before without realizing their Upset The System 7" and We Come To Crush LP were released together on CD at one time. Although I'm pretty sure the CD is now out of print this leaves only the Step Forward 7" to have not seen the light of day since 1983. It stacks up well against their other releases and is one of my favorite early NYHC records-
Step Forward
Unity Lives On

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Tools (SF)

Here's a band I get really excited about. Not to be confused with Tools from DC (who released one catchy as hell single), San Francisco's Tools released three 7"s, two on Subterranean records and this (their first) on their own Work Records in 1979. They featured Mike Fox of Code Of Honor fame on guitar and that's good enough for me. I don't know that much about the rest of the band, maybe someone else knows what's become of them. I've never heard the 3rd 7" (in fact I've never even seen a copy of it) and although I prefer the Hard Wark 7" I thought I'd post this one so as not to bite on any more Subterranean releases. Here's the Smoke Filled Rooms/Adopted Procedure 7"-
Smoke Filled Rooms
Adopted Procedure

Sunday, December 11, 2005


Once again I find myself responding to a sweet post over at the Something I Learned Today mp3 blog. The Insane Industries Half Skull Comp featured Decry + 3 other bands and Decry's first 7" also appeared on this label. Although the band's single was reissued on a Cleopatra retrospective (OOP??) with most of their other recordings the compilation left off Symptoms Of Hate and Fight To Survive from the 7". Most will agree that the Falling LP represents their punk rock best but I've always liked all of their stuff including the often maligned Japanese LP. When Decry toured with Peace Corpse and played my hometown they were supposed to play a "youth dance" as the promoter booked it at a VFW hall. When people started showing up in the parking lot the owner, not particularly pleased with the look of the youth, locked the door and wouldn't let anyone in. Hours later they managed to redirect the show to another venue and it when on as planned.
Symptoms Of Hate/Fight To Survive
Strapped In
Sorority Girls

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Mortal Micronotz

Kansas isn't really known for producing too many punk bands that break out beyond their local scene, but one band of note was The Mortal Micronotz who managed to release 4 LPs and one 7 inch. Their earlier incarnation featured Dean Lubensky on vocals and they cranked out some great nerdy (garage like?) punk. I've never heard the releases with Jay Hauptli fronting the band so I really can't comment but I've read that the band had a rougher sound during this period preferred by some and not by others. I'll leave the David Lee Roth/Sammy Hagar debate to fans of The Micronotz (we ALL know who wins the Van Halen one). I don't have any pressing info but 1984's Live Recording Of The Video Soundtrack 7" seems to float around the least so here it is-
I'm Too Good
So Fine
It's Alive
Dean's Lead
All of their recordings were collected on 2 CDs @1995 but I'm pretty sure they are out of print, if you know any different let me know.