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Friday, October 28, 2005

Odd Man Out

After reading about Alive And Kicking on the SiLT website I figured I'd toss out this DC area comp from a couple of years later. Released on DSI in 1988 it contains a pretty solid lineup. Government Issue do one of my favorite tracks of theirs on this 7", although this recording feels a little lazy compared to the kick ass live version on the Finale 2xLP. Two more highlights include the always rocking Black Market Baby and a good tune by Shudder To Think from their Sammich days.

Forever (GI)
Hardcore Hotel (Fun Junkies)
Back Seat Sally (BMB)
Minute To Go (MFD)
Touch (Shudder To Think)

Wednesday, October 19, 2005


TMA were either from New York or New Jersey (I'm not really sure) and released 2 LPs, 1987's Beach Party 2000 and 1984's What's For Dinner. They also had a couple of tracks on a live compilation called Hardcore Takes Over. Unfortunately, that's all I've got for you. You can find a copy of Beach Party just about anywhere, but What's For Dinner is a little harder to come by. I picked it up despite the atrocious cover art (I mean seriously, look at it, and Beach Party is even worse) on a whim when it was released and haven't really heard anything about it ever since. You would think it was kind of an eighties new wave LP from the cover but it's a good solid punk record, anyone know anything about them? Here's 4 of the 20 tracks-

tracks removed to free up space.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Checkered Future Flexi

Normally I wouldn't do a post of the same band twice, but for Reflex From Pain's Checkered Future Flexi I am going to make an exception for 3 reasons:
1. When a band has a singer different than one you're used to hearing (on this 1983 demo it's one of my all time favorite HC screamers Ray Cappo) it seems like a different band. For me the vocal is what gives a band most of its personality, especially when it's hardcore. This is probably why I feel a band isn't a band without H.R., Jello, etc.
2. It's a flexi. No one wants to get some crappy flexi out and put it on a turntable. You have to handle it like a used Kleenex so you don't mess it up. Even if you own this record you should have it in mp3 format.
3. CTHC rips.
The liner notes to this 7" state that the RFP on this recording is essentially the first lineup of Shelter (+ Tom Capone), and that it provides the missing link for the Reflex From Pain/Violent Children/76 % Uncertain/Shelter family. In fact you may recognize some of the songs as performed by these other bands. An interesting link demonstrating the inbreeding of these bands can be viewed here. It's odd to me that this was never pressed on regular vinyl since it rocks from beginning to end-
You're The Hate
Bury My Pride
Blind Faith
B. S. Straight Edge
Knife In My Back
Rolling Rink Stud
Peer Pressure
Someone's Waiting
The Scream

Monday, October 10, 2005

The Cortinas

I'm going to have to make this post short and simple since the city is on me to fix up my house and it's all I've been working on for about the past two weeks. I'm very sleepy and I've got to have it finished for housing court this Friday so let's get down to business. The Cortinas released two great singles before receiving a revamping for their CBS debut followed by a descent into obscurity. There's some good information about them available right here (including a photo of their guitar player who enjoyed a stint with the Clash), so there's no need for me to elaborate. Both sides of the Fascist Dictator 7" from 1977 are worth a listen-
Fascist Dictator
Television Families

Wednesday, October 05, 2005


(Not to be confused with The Fiends, Fiendz, More Fiends, etc.) Fiends were basically a really dumb rock band with a punk edge that put out 2 LPs that I know of. Gynecology I've never heard, but I've always been a big fan of 1984's We've Come For Your Beer released on Bemisbrain Records. It's 12 tracks of juvenile rock trash- maybe it's nostalgia but I still like it. I doubt anyone is planning on a reissue, so here is a sampling-

tracks removed to free up space.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

SF Underground Part 2

Here's the second 7" of SF Underground bands from Subterranean Records released in 1980. This one has Spikes, The Lewd, Society Dog, and Undead. I think every band on here turns in a great track. Spikes I know nothing about. The Lewd have plenty of info here, and for more info on the Undead you can check out their website. I recently did a post on Society Dog so I wont say anymore about them. The Undead link mentions that every band on here is somehow connected to them (shared members, etc.), but I guess every local music scene seems to be that way, doesn't it? Enough chatter.......

tracks removed to free up space.