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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Helen Keller

After the last post I suppose I'll continue in the vein of odd recordings. I read about the Helen Keller record in this article and figured I had to hear it. Luckily it was repressed in 2003 as a double 7" with 3 additional songs (including the Dump On The Chump reprise), but for some reason it already seems like it's difficult to track down. The above link pretty much lays out the history for you so I won't waste your time. The scan is of the reissue (which is white, not blue, sorry) but you can view the plain white sleeve style of the original in the article as well. Also, from the where on earth do people find this stuff files, check this out.
Here's how the 1978 (2 song) version orginally appeared-
Surfin' With Steve And ED Amin (or Idi or E.D., take your pick)
Dump On The Chump(s)


At 4:49 PM, Blogger malfeitor said...

For your information, the address on the reissue label is:
Deaf Ear Records
PO Box 47051
Seattle, WA 98146


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