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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Flag Of Democracy

Alright, back to the harder stuff. F.O.D.'s Love Songs is one of my favorite 7"s of all time, and I must not be the only one since it's been pressed three separate times. Hailing from Pennsylvania, this trio plays wild chaotic thrash (at least on this release they do) and have been at it for 20+ years. They've put out a decent chunk of material, mostly on a German label, that I've never heard despite being a fan of the 7". If someone can suggest which releases are worth a listen, I'd like to pick up some more of their music. Despite still being active I wasn't really able to track down any more information on them. Experience Love Songs for yourself-

tracks removed to free up space.


At 8:06 AM, Blogger ExBF said...

Oh man...this stuff takes me back. Thanks for making me feel even older....


At 9:07 PM, Blogger phil said...

"Shatter Your Day" is definitely one to get if you love this 7" as much as I do. Though I have to say I haven't heard the rest of their output. Those german cd's can be found on soulseek if ye don't want to shell out the bucks.

I see a new copy of "shatter your day" is available if you look on froogle

Great site, by the way. Check out mine!


I did a little piece on this 7" back in the June archives.

See ya!



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