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Monday, September 26, 2005

SF Underground Part 1

Although most of the huge names in the early California punk scene came from the southern part of the state, San Francisco produced a lot of great bands as well. Subterranean records released two 7" compilations documenting the early scene and both of them are solid. Part one features No Alternative, Flipper, Tools, and VKTMS. Flipper probably need no introduction and have plenty of music in print. VKTMS put out a CD on Broken Rekids that compiles pretty much all of their recorded material while some of the No Alternative stuff is available on an LP through Bacchus Archives. Tools released a few 7"s but I don't think they have been reissued so you're out of luck there. I'll be posting part 2 later this week, for now here's 1979's SF Underground 1-

tracks removed to free up space.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Helen Keller

After the last post I suppose I'll continue in the vein of odd recordings. I read about the Helen Keller record in this article and figured I had to hear it. Luckily it was repressed in 2003 as a double 7" with 3 additional songs (including the Dump On The Chump reprise), but for some reason it already seems like it's difficult to track down. The above link pretty much lays out the history for you so I won't waste your time. The scan is of the reissue (which is white, not blue, sorry) but you can view the plain white sleeve style of the original in the article as well. Also, from the where on earth do people find this stuff files, check this out.
Here's how the 1978 (2 song) version orginally appeared-
Surfin' With Steve And ED Amin (or Idi or E.D., take your pick)
Dump On The Chump(s)

Friday, September 16, 2005

Big Stick

One record I can't get enough of (and sleazegrinder agrees) is the 12" Big Stick released in 1986 that combined their first 7" with 2 new songs (well, they were at the time) on Blast First, sometimes referred to as the Drag Racing 12". I have no idea what would have prompted me to pick this up when it came out since it was unlike anything else I was listening to. It holds up well 20 years later and this 12" and the Crack Attack 12" (released on Buy Our Records of all things) are available together on one CD entitled Crack n' Drag. This odd duo is still at it and you can purchase their CDs, check out a lot more mp3s and read all about them on their website. I don't think the vinyl is still in print but I see it around used stores from time to time (maybe that's a bad sign?).

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Monday, September 12, 2005

Society Dog

When Johnithin Christ sings "never since I had sung with my very first band had I ever been so scared" in Code Of Honor's Downtown maybe he's talking about his previous band, San Francisco's Society Dog. As far as I know this is his first recorded act and they released two 7"s and a compilation track. They also featured Joe Dirt from the Undead on guitar. I thought some ass had markered on my copy until I saw some scans of other ones that also had the band name hand colored.
Here's the Off Of The Leash 7" from 1981-
How Could I Feel It
The Baby Is Dead
Metropolitan Rush
On The Street

Thursday, September 08, 2005

The Huns

Here's some good early Texas punk you probably already know about. The Huns put out this single in 1979 with the A side appearing later on the Bloodstains Across Texas comp and the B side showing up on Killed By Death #4. The only other material I know of is the Live at the Palladium LP released by Existential Vacuum and available on CD through Get Hip. The liner notes to the EV release are available here from the break my face website. It's a very interesting read so I won't bother with any other info here. The scan is of the "reissue", or bootleg may be more like it- I'm not sure. The original cover can also be viewed on the link to the liner notes.
The Busy Kids 7"-
Busy Kids
Glad He's Dead

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Flag Of Democracy

Alright, back to the harder stuff. F.O.D.'s Love Songs is one of my favorite 7"s of all time, and I must not be the only one since it's been pressed three separate times. Hailing from Pennsylvania, this trio plays wild chaotic thrash (at least on this release they do) and have been at it for 20+ years. They've put out a decent chunk of material, mostly on a German label, that I've never heard despite being a fan of the 7". If someone can suggest which releases are worth a listen, I'd like to pick up some more of their music. Despite still being active I wasn't really able to track down any more information on them. Experience Love Songs for yourself-

tracks removed to free up space.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Radiators From Space

Keeping with the seventies sound of the previous post, here's the 2nd single from Radiators From Space. Often billed as the first punk band in Ireland, they feature future Pogue Philip Chevron. The first 2 7"s and the LP TV Tube Heart are pretty rockin'. Later they would drop the "from space" part of their name and supposedly get overproduced, but I've never heard their later material so I can't comment. Here's a pretty complete history and discography for your browsing pleasure. TV Tube Heart has been recently reissued, but I believe it's only available as an import (???).
From 1977, The Enemies 7"-
Psychotic Reaction