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Friday, July 29, 2005

Black Market Baby

Black Market Baby were a D.C. band that had a punkier sound than their hardcore contemporaries. In their (more or less) original form they released a single, an LP entitled Senseless Offerings, and some compilation tracks. At various points since then there have been bootlegs, compilations of material, reunion 7"s, rereleases, and new releases of old material- I'll let someone else give you the rundown on the discography. If you want to know more about them here's an old interview with singer Boyd Farrell. And finally......
Here's their first single from 1982-

New retrospective coming in January on Dr. Strange!!!


At 5:52 AM, Anonymous Punk N Rocker said...

fuck man, this is really cool. i really like this band! i didn't hear too many of they're songs but everyone i'v heard is good. i was fortunate enough to come across a a 7" last summer in Ottawa. i couldn't baleave it... too bad i had to hich-hike back. it's still there! woulda crushed it in the back pack.(get back to me sometime if you feel like posting it. i'll email the tracks to you after i rip them)

At 11:59 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dr STrange is supposed to be putting out a compilation of BMB stuff soon, it was put together by the band and Tom Lyle of the DC band Government Issue(GI)
I saw BMB a bunch of times, they were a great band, loud and chaotic.

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