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Friday, July 29, 2005

Black Market Baby

Black Market Baby were a D.C. band that had a punkier sound than their hardcore contemporaries. In their (more or less) original form they released a single, an LP entitled Senseless Offerings, and some compilation tracks. At various points since then there have been bootlegs, compilations of material, reunion 7"s, rereleases, and new releases of old material- I'll let someone else give you the rundown on the discography. If you want to know more about them here's an old interview with singer Boyd Farrell. And finally......
Here's their first single from 1982-

New retrospective coming in January on Dr. Strange!!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Neon Christ

Neon Christ were a band from Atlanta, Georgia that released one ten-song self-titled 7" in 1984 and a double 7" (containing 8 songs from the first single, their song "Ashes To Ashes" from the PEACE compilation and 3 unreleased tracks) in 1990. The members went on to other bands that I don't know that much about (including Gardens Of and The Go Devils) but the oddest tidbit I've found is that guitar player William Kip Duvall went on to co-write the #1 (??) hit "I Know" for Dionne Farris (of Arrested Development). Currently he works with Comes With The Fall and lives in Los Angeles. These songs from the double seven inch show how the band can switch it up from total thrash to more melodic material (and Ashes To Ashes is still a monster of a song).

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Saturday, July 23, 2005


The Asexuals were a mid to late eighties band from Montreal Canada that put out one 7" and 5 LPs and were one of the best live bands of the era (I think they must have rehearsed their uniform jumps out in the garage). Only two of the LPs featured original singer John Kastner who left to form the Doughboys, and who now plays in All Systems Go in addition to releasing solo work (check out what he's up to now here). I believe the last two Asexuals records are still available on Cargo but I was unable to verify the availability of 1984's Be What You Want and 1985's Contemporary World, the albums that feature John on vocals. Be What You Want is full of fast, catchy punk as is Contemporary World (although it's a bit more polished) and you should pick these up if you see them around your local used record store.

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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Chronic Sick

I don't know that much about this band aside from the fact that they put out two records, 1982's The Cutest Band In Hardcore 12" and 1983's Chronic Sick 7", both on Mutha records. These records are now absurdly collectible and seem to be on every want list out there. The only other thing I know is that they resided in New Jersey and I believe one of the members may own a bar there now (?). That's about all I can tell ya, maybe someone out there can fill in the blanks. Here's the 12"-

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Saturday, July 16, 2005

The Prevaricators

First off, i've added pretty pictures after realizing that my site was ugly compared to the ones I read, and now you know what the records look like. Second, I've linked to a clip of Fear's SNL performance under the Fear entry (see it while you can). On to the post. I don't know that much about this band. I believe they were from Richmond, Virginia and they put this single out on Zero Degree records who also released the White Cross 7". I also recall seeing a full length by them once in a record store but I don't know anything about it. I also have no idea if the members were in anything before or after this band although it would seem reasonable since The Prevaricators weren't active for very long as far as I can tell. This is decent enough punk, although I think I'm So Cool may be the only standout track here. Anyone else have any info???
No Kidding EP (1983)-
Ode To Mr. Ed
Hanky Panky
Living In Khaki
I'm So Cool

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Dr. Know

Dr. Know is well known for featuring Bandon Cruz, former child star of The Courtship Of Eddie's Father. They released a couple of LPs, a 7", a 7" derived from one of the LPs, compilations of old stuff on two different LPs on two different labels, etc. etc. It all gets kinda confusing, so my advice is to get the Plug In Jesus 12" which you can probably pick up for not much $$$ which I think is their best record. Their great blend of metal and hardcore separated them from what I consider to be the generic sound of other "nardcore" bands. If I'm not mistaken it was during this period that they were a three piece with guitarist Kyle Toucher also doing the vocals. Dr. Know is still around, check them out, and I think the Mystic Best Of CD has some if not all of the 12".
Here's some Plug In Jesus tunes-

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Sunday, July 10, 2005

Reflex From Pain

Connecticut and the surrounding areas produced some great EPs in the early 80s. Reflex From Pain's Black And White was one of them, and represented their only real output at the time other than some compilation tracks. They also had a Chequered Future Flexi which supposedly has Ray Cappo on vocals which I've never heard but I sure would like to (hint). If you missed B & W the first time out there was a compilation called Die Jerry Die that compiled 5 great 7"s from the area (including RFP) onto one disc but it had a very limited run, so it's hard to track down. It would probably still be a bargain compared to tracking down all of the 7"s. Reflex From Pain members would eventually play in 76% Uncertain who have a website which says CDs are coming soon so hopefully Estimated Monkey Time will finally be available again. Here's Black And White-

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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Code Of Honor

Code Of Honor were a California band that released a full length, one 7", and a split LP with Sick Pleasure (a band that shared members with C.O.H.). All of their releases are solid and the Beware the Savage Jaw LP is one of my all time favorite punk records. It contains a lot of diversity musically, and in my opinion it works. I have no info on what these guys are up to nowadays and no info on whether or not any of this is in print. All releases were on Subterranean but their website never seems to be updated (?). A complete discography CD would be sweet, and would probably fit on one disc.
The 7"-

The reissue is available now on Subterranean. See the comments for more details and buy this NOW!

Sunday, July 03, 2005

The Young And The Useless

The Young and the Useless 7" Real Men Don't Floss (their only record I know of) is a good example of the kind of record that you probably couldn't give away when it came out in 1982 that collectors will now pay $150 for. Is it the scarcity of the pressing? The fact that it contains a future Beastie Boy? The desire to own a complete set of early NYHC? For me, I think its a great example of what early hardcore was based on- the egalitarian notion that a bunch of kids can get together and make the music they want DIY style-
Young And Useless
The Wave
Home Boy
Rise And Shine
Funky Music

Okay, I just realized one of the other sites wrote this record up a lot better than I was going to, but I'm lazy so I'm not changing it.

Friday, July 01, 2005


Gauze is/was a great Japanese hardcore band that as far as I can tell may have had as many as 4 LPs, a couple of 7"s, and tracks on a few compilations. These songs are from their 2nd LP, 1986's Equalizing Distort. Any information would be appreciated, particularly whether or not their material is being repressed- everything I can track down is in Japanese.

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